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About Us

Mr. Chimi's was born out of an idea to share the amazing flavors and culinary influence the Estrada Family has passed down through the generations. 
A big part of our family gatherings would be looking forward to a delicious variety of grilled foods. Whether grilled steak "churrasco," grilled chicken or seafood we always found a way to make food we could eat with our special family sauce and seasonings which was influenced by traditional Guatemalan flavors.   
Every time we have made our chimichurri sauce for others they have commented that it is different and elevated from any other sauce they have tried.
With that, the idea was born to share this with the world.  
We are a Family Owned Business that has a goal to share our wonderful family flavors with others and bring the warm welcoming eating experience to others that we have been able to enjoy. 
We hope you enjoy our sauce!