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About Us

 Elvira, Jennifer, Ed, & Oscar 


With Mr. Chimi's, we set out with an idea of sharing our family’s history of great recipes cultivated over many years and generations.


Bringing people together over wonderful tasting food has always been a tradition for our family. Sitting together at a large table or hanging out in the backyard finding a comfortable place to sit, talk, laugh and enjoy delicious food is always something our family looks forward to. In Guatemala, a country rich in flavors, our grandmother Grace “Abuelita Chela” was an inspired cook that loved creating delicious meals for others. When Abuelita was in the kitchen everyone knew something amazing was coming to the table and her recipes have been passed down through the generations and continue to inspire to this day. 


 A huge staple for Guatemalan cooking has always been its sauces, one of her best was her cilantro-based chimichurri. Her children continued making and passing down the sauces that have been a tradition in our family ever since.   It is from these unique recipes that we created Mr. Chimi's sauces. With the help of her son, Jorge “Tio Nene”, who had perfected Abuelita’s chimichurri recipe, we crafted our main sauce. This is where the journey of Mr. Chimi's began.


We have now built an ingredient focused company that expands these sentiments to all others who enjoy bold unique flavors and a love for great tasting food. Cilantro, olive oil, garlic, chiltepin peppers and other wonderful ingredients are combined to yield that uniquely great flavor our sauces are known for.  


We'd love you to come join us at our table.


Mr. Chimi’s

A family-owned company 


 “There is something very rewarding about having your friends and family truly enjoy something you have prepared for them. Making people happy through food is a wonderful thing.”


Ed & Jen 



Behind the scenes with Mr. Chimi's Family